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Possibly Driven is an organization dedicated to guiding individuals toward a successful future. We recognize the challenges that arise during the transition into the workforce, and are committed to providing support. 

Team work

Our team is more than a skill set; we are a Dream Team committed to excellence and innovation. Each member brings a unique combination of talent and passion, fusing technical skills with creative vision. We strive to turn challenges into opportunities and build an environment where collaboration and mutual support thrive. Guided by motivation and clear objectives, we create an environment where every idea is valuable and contributes to the growth of Possibility Driven.

Steve Fernandez

President and Founder

Eduardo Rosales

President and Founder

Steve Fernandez

President and Founder

Steps to receive benefits and how to apply

Step #1

Send in application we provide pdf and virtual form

Step #2

You will receive an email with information to sert up an interview within 48 hours

Step #3

You will go through initial screening and introduction reviewing work history and finances

Step #4

You will receive an answer within 48 hours

Step #5

You’ll receive a second interview with the next steps and more information about our program and you can provide info we need to see if we’re a god fit for you providing an adequate/suitable car for your needs.

Step #6

You will receive an approval for a designated car and provided info with next steps

Step #7

You will work with a dealership and insurance company to see what cars are available and what you were approved for and make sure your car is insured

Step #8

You will then set up an appointment to pick up your car and can pick it up at that time

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Our experience and future meet today.
Steve Fernandez has been in the auto business all his life, from mechanics to auto transportation. In 2004 Steve embarked on a mission, to help kids in Argentina with a feeding program, feeding 300 kids daily. As those kids grew the need changed, they needed support gaining various job skills and self sufficiency so we provided opportunities such as hair dressing classes, auto mechanics, and food management and cooking, the program helped with other varied skills as well. Steve worked on this program for 12 years, and when Steve returned to the U.S. he began working in the auto industry again and wanted to get involved in the community. If you are graduating or you have children of that age and have not decided where to go, or you find yourself between a rock and a hard place and need transportation for work or school – we can help.

Help is within
our reach

Comprometerse a ayudar se convierte en una poderosa oportunidad para marcar la diferencia. Te invitamos a contribuir con donaciones que nos permitirán crear un impacto positivo aún mayor. Su generosidad hará posible el cambio que buscamos lograr.